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About Competisaurus

Competisaurus is a blog devoted to the topic of competitive intelligence.  It’s purpose is to increase knowledge of competitive intelligence topics by providing value-adding content.   Blog reader participation is appreciated.  Sharing of insights, experiences, and knowledge contributes to the benefit that this blog can provide to it’s readers.   I encourage readers to contribute and challenge me when their experience and knowledge tells them I’m wrong.  I want Competisaurus to be an enviornment where we learn from and teach eachother.

What is a ‘Competisaurus?’

The idea for this blog has been brewing around inside of my head for some time.  As the idea matured and evolved, I knew I had to come up with a name for this competitive intelligence blog.  The old phrases ‘eat the competition for lunch’ and ‘eat the competition alive’ came up a few times.  I made the visual association of these phrases with a huge, meat-eating dinosaur.  So, what if there was a dinosaur that savagely ate the competition…showing no mercy?  What would such a powerful, merciless beast be called?  A Competisaurus, of course!  By the way, a Competisaurus is a competivore.

Goals for Competisaurus

My goals for this site are pretty straight forward.

  1. Provide value-adding content on the topic of competitive intelligence.  Produce 4 quality posts a month.
  2. Attract and retain an audience that is interested in the topic of competitive intelligence.  Get that audience to contribute and become engaged.
  3. Grow both my knowledge of competitive intelligence topics, practices, issues, techniques, technologies and concerns as well as the knowledge of my audience.


This is a personal blog.  The contents of this blog in no way, shape, or form represent the perspectives or opinions of my past, current, or future employers.  Let me reiterate that.  This blog is a PERSONAL BLOG.  The topics and techniques I write about here have no association with my employers.  I’m not posting data from my employers.  I’m not giving away proprietary information.  I am not representing my empoyer’s perspectives or strategies.

About Me

I have over 14 years of professional experience working for multiple Fortune 100 companies.  I am a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  I am a graduate of Purdue University.  I am currently employed by a major CPG company.  I am happily married, have 2 wonderful children and a very loyal beagal.



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