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Competitive Intelligence Tools September 30, 2008

Posted by analyticsman in business, competition, competitive intelligence.
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I’m just getting started on this blog and it’s my first blogging experience.  I want to avoid sending you off in other directions.  I’d rather post good value-adding content here and keep you around.  However, Avinash Kaushik is a web analytics expert, evangelist, blogger and author who has some really great posts on his blog about competitive intelligence tools.  His blog is called Occam’s Razor. His postings are tutorials that can help you to extract some great insights about a competitor’s online activities.

I highly recommend that you read each of these postings.  The comments in each of the postings are informative as well. 

I wish I had some unique insights to add, but Avinash has done an incredible job in each of his detailed posts.  There is much to learn here.