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Twitter as a Competitive Intelligence Tool? October 16, 2008

Posted by analyticsman in competitive intelligence.
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Twitter is a mini social networking application.  It’s sort of a blogging tool for one or two lines to distribute to your friends and family.  Wikipedia reports that there are 2,200,000 users.  The mini-blogs that you write can be no more than 140 characters.  People use the tool for all sorts of crazy reasons…to tell friends what they ate for lunch…to tell friends what CD they are listening to…to tell their network what movie they are seeing this evening, etc…etc…

Twitter has been gaining acceptance in the business world as new and legitimate business applications for the tool are discovered.  I’m not going to go into those right now.  I think it has legitimate benefit to the competitive intelligence community. 

Twitter has an online search utility…Twitter Search.  You can type in specific phrases to search on.  What you get back is a list of the mini-blogs that people have sent out to their network of friends, family, and co-workers that contain that phrase.  I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this.  The old saying…loose lips sink ships.  Well, loose hands on keyboards can do the same thing.  I typed in a few big company names just to see what showed up.  I’m posting a couple of items I found.  I’m removing the specific company names from the text.

  • XYZ: X Company is building an innovation lab that rivals anything you’d see at a high tech brand. Just saw the blueprint. Very cool.
  • ABC: Company Z getting busy with android dev, word is

This may be a place to check from time to time to see if anything revealing has been posted about a competitor that warrants further investigation.

What are your thoughts?